Instructors’ Biography

Fred Astaire Dance Instructor: Roman MocharskyFred Astaire Dance Instructor: Nikki WickerFred Astaire Dance Instructor: Helena TokarevaFred Astaire Dance Instructor: Austin GermanyFred Astaire Dance Instructor: Mateo Catalan

Fred Astaire Studio Dance Instructor: Mateo Catalan

Mateo Catalan

Position: Dance Instructor

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

Favorite Food: Mexican, Italian, Thai, Sushi! Tres leches cake!!!

Favorite Music: Latin Reggaeton, but open to all fun, exotic, and exciting music

Favorite Dance: I love them all, I live each and everyone because of the different characters you get to become!

Competition Style: American Rhythm and Smooth, International Latin and Country Western!

What I Love most about teaching? I love sharing my passion and joy for dancing with everyone anywhere. Dancing is just “walking with style!”!

Who I admire the most and why? Every single coach I’ve ever had for making me a better dancer. My past and present bosses for trusting me, believing in me, coaching me and being my role moldel so I can become the teacher I am today. Most of all, my mother for shaping me to become selfless, giving, and to persevere through the hard times!

One thing most people do not know about me is … I have an identical twin brother and yes, he’s a dancer too!!!