Instructors’ Biography

Fred Astaire Dance Instructor: Roman MocharskyFred Astaire Dance Instructor: Nikki WickerFred Astaire Dance Instructor: Helena TokarevaFred Astaire Dance Instructor: Austin GermanyFred Astaire Dance Instructor: Mateo Catalan

Fred Astaire Studio Owner: Roman Mocharsky

Roman Mocharsky

Position: Studio Director / Owner

Place of Birth: Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Favorite Food: Sushi, fruits

Favorite Music: Rock, dance music

Favorite Dance: Rumba

Competition Style: International, Standard, and Latin/American Smooth & Rhythm.

What I Love most about teaching? Helping people feel more confident and graceful on the dance floor. Helping couples find harmony through the body language.

Who I admire the most and why? Fred Astaire; He was and is the biggest dance star in the world. I saw his famous “Ceiling Dance” when I was 5 and I was amazed.

One thing most people do not know about me is … I was an ice skating regional champion among juniors. Oh, and I LOVE SOCCER!!!